The ICC International Court of Arbitration has said that it enjoyed its highest-ever caseload in 2016, with not far off a thousand new filings and big increases in the numbers of parties coming from Africa, Asia and Latin America. Overall,  according to the ICC, 966 new cases were administered in 2016 involving 3099 parties from 137 countries.

In January 2016, the ICC adopted new rules aimed at promoting transparency and efficiency by publishing the names of arbitrators and imposing cost consequences for unjustified delays in submitting awards.

It continued with additional changes throughout the year, such as adopting a new costs scale in December, increasing certain fees and allowable administrative expenses in certain circumstance, revealing  new practices in May for determining fees for arbitration tribunals and calculating administrative expenses in new ICC cases, and introducing amendments in September that it said will allow its secretariat to expand case management services and help expedite proceedings.

Could all of this be a role model for Germany?

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