The German Institution of Arbitration DIS e.V. is in the process of reforming its Arbitration Rules.
It has not done so since 1998. Since then, the world of arbitration has changed. Many arbitration institutions have updated their rules. Emergency arbitration and multi-party regulations have become the standard in many rules. Arbitrators and counsel have become more diverse. The modes of communication have been revolutionized and are likely to continue to so. These are exciting and challenging times for a rules revision!

It has always been a main feature of the DIS Arbitration Rules that they were leaner and less complex than the rules of other arbitral institutions. This should be kept. On the other hand, DIS has been perceived by some users as "too German" and needs to keep up to speed with international developments. But do all of these developments fit to DIS? Are all of them really necessary? Interesting questions lie ahead!

With this homepage, we would like to support DIS in its reform process. We would like to establish a platform for the exchange of ideas, both in English and German. We need your input and look forward to it! Please join us!